Townhouse Interior Renovation by Kariouk Associates
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Townhouse Interior Renovation

Project Information
Project Information
Ottawa, Ontario
To modernize, open, and brighten the interior of a 1970s townhouse
Design Challenge & Solution
Chewing Away the Interior
Ottawa Citizen, Chewing Away the Interior , December 2012
Design Challenge & Solution

Design Challenge:

As all of the interior spaces were formerly separated in both plan and section, connected only by a stairwell, the challenge was to open the space in a way that created spatial cohesion and allowed natural light to penetrate the center of the existing, dark home

Design Solution:

To open space vertically. By converting the dining area to a two-storey space, the dining area, kitchen, living area, and study above are now connected. With the addition of new tempered glass railings, natural light now filters through and brightens the uninterrupted spaces.

Other, more subtle design features also create a sense of lightness and openness: variously sized openings puncture the walls dividing the stairs, providing an opportunity for display and visual connection; new cabinetry hovers above the floor offering a sense of greater spaciousness; and the fireplace volume itself became an illuminated object: re-clad with glossy white, porcelain tile, several cuts into the tiles were made with a very precise water saw to produce a pattern on the face of the volume. The cuts were then backed with coloured glass and the inside of the volume illuminated, casting a glow throughout the living area. The remodeled kitchen and ensuite bathroom incorporate the same sensitivities: open-concept space was created, white cabinetry hovers, durable, thin stone countertops were used, and natural light is integral.

Paul duBellet Kariouk (Principal)
Chris Davis (Senior Design Associate)
Sarah Fleming (Design Associate)

General Contractor:
Timber Wolf Developments (Donald Thom)

Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)
Tina Picard Photography