Holmwood-Glebe Interior Renovation by Kariouk Associates
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Holmwood-Glebe Interior Renovation

Project Information
Project Information
Ottawa, Ontario
To modernize a dark, cramped kitchen and dining area that was original to a 1970’s townhouse in the Glebe
Design Challenge & Solution
Style, “The House a Party Built”,  Spring 2011
Style, “The House a Party Built”, Spring 2011
Design Challenge & Solution

Design Challenge:

To maintain a desired degree of formality and separation of the dining area while increasing the amount of sunlight throughout the space

Design Solution:

As the former kitchen cut off the adjacent living areas from the sunniest part of the house, the new kitchen opens itself to the living areas. However, in order to maintain the desired degree of formality in the dining area while capitalizing upon newfound daylight, a wooden floor-to-ceiling volume (enclosing the refrigerator) is placed at the end of the kitchen counter. A light-coloured oak matching that of the floor was selected for all of the new cabinetry in order to create an elegant and understated pairing. To exaggerate the sense of continuity throughout the space, a stone slab, which matches the kitchen countertop and is used for the display of art, cantilevers along the entire length of the living and dining areas.

Paul duBellet Kariouk (Principal)
Chris Davis (Senior Design Associate)
Susan Gardiner (Design Associate)

General Contractor:
Timber Wolf Developments (Donald Thom)

Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)