Luxurious bathing with steam room
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Project Information
Project Information
Ottawa, Ontario
To remodel the attic level of a one-hundred-year-old home into a master suite with a luxurious bathing area and steam room.
Design Challenge & Solution
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Design Challenge & Solution

Design Challenge:

To design a number of elements in such a way that they would fit beneath the existing attic roofline that could not be altered of a home along Ottawa’s Rideau Canal.

Design Solution:

The space available for the renovation offered one dormer that receives direct light, whereas the remaining available space was deep and away from direct daylight. Hence, the design responds to two considerations relative to the psychology of bathing: The act of showering is generally considered an energetic morning ritual and as such the opportunity to shower is a space flooded with daylight is ideal. Thus, the shower is placed into the sole available dormer, and being on the top floor, does not compromise privacy. Conversely, the steam room (or hammam), is a space of repose and rest, whereby direct light is not crucial, and even undesirable. Hence, the cubic volume of the hammam is placed in the center of the top floor and pierced with variously-sized openings filled with warm, orange-tinted glass, that transforms whatever daylight is available (or candle light) to reinforce the peacefulness sought in a hammam.

Paul duBellet Kariouk (Principal)
Chris Davis (Senior Design Associate)

General Contractor:
Dalton Distinctive Renovations (Jason Labelle)

Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)