Glebe Garden and Interior by Kariouk Associates
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Glebe Garden and Interior

Project Information
Project Information
Ottawa, Ontario
To renovate the garden and main floor of a one-hundred-year-old home.
Design Challenge & Solution
Design Challenge & Solution

Design Challenge:

To implement an architectural strategy that breaks down very large programmatic requirements and, as a result, the seeming bigness of the proposed home.

Design Solution:

The long corridors that once connected the formal rooms of the original home were removed to greatly expand the kitchen and living areas, opening the spaces and bringing natural light to the center of the home; hence, the kitchen, once the smallest and most difficult-to-reach room, became the centre of the reconceived space.

Likewise, the need for a ground-floor powder provided the opportunity to create a playful focal point consistent with the aim to augment daylight throughout. Rather than placing that bathroom into a far-off corner, it was designed to utilize the unused space beneath the existing stair. The walls of the powder room were made to glow by the use of tempered glass covered with patterned, translucent film.

Last, the entire rear brick wall of the house was removed at the ground floor and replaced by floor-to-ceiling windows; the formerly dim rear yard, now fitted with an oval pool that covers the majority of the yard, provides a luminous and dramatic view from the new kitchen and living area. The area surrounding the pool is covered with a synthetic lawn as is a new, fifteen-foot-tall utility structure. This shed, transformed into a sort of massive hedge or topiary, provides a sculptural component to the garden even when the remaining landscape is covered in snow.

Paul duBellet Kariouk (Principal)
Chris Davis (Senior Design Associate)
Susan Gardiner (Design Associate)
Paolo Milanes; Josee Labelle (Junior Associates)

General Contractor:
G. M. French Construction

Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)